My name is Ruth Etiesit Samuel, and I’m a senior at UNC-Chapel Hill’s Hussman School of Journalism and Media. I’d describe myself as a student-leader with a demonstrated history of editorial experience, social media skills, and an insatiable passion for writing.

Born in London, England to two Nigerian parents, I emigrated to the United States at the early age of 9 months old, bouncing around from New York to Tennessee to Georgia then finally North Carolina. Having grown up around medical professionals, I was no stranger to the hospital, but no matter where I moved, storytelling was my constant. I found that there’s this inexplicable power in being the purveyor of information, and sharing narratives written for and by your community.

My work is centered around amplifying the voices of marginalized individuals, specifically Black women, and documenting the cultural capital and power that we have in entertainment, digital culture, politics, and more. To see my work, please visit the clips page above.